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We offer complex services of preparing project documentation and the design of photovoltaic farms for individual partners, institutions as well as business and financial entities.

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Planning analysis and site assessment

We conduct a complex site, as well as technical and environmental analysis of the given land. We specify the opportunities and risks involved in the implementation of a photovoltaic farm investment at the given location.

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Decision on the undertaking’s environmental conditions

We conduct an administrative proceeding to acquire the final decision on the photovoltaic farm’s environmental conditions. The environmental decision includes a complex analysis of the planned photovoltaic farm’s impact on the natural environment and specifies the conditions to be met by the investor in terms of environmental protection. The basis for issuing the decision is the comprehensive Undertaking Information Sheet (UIS). A correctly developed UIS allows for avoiding the need to develop an environmental impact report for the undertaking, thereby substantially shortening the entire process

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Decision on the land development conditions for the photovoltaic farm

For sites not subject to a spatial development plan, we obtain a decision on the land development and management conditions. Obtaining the above decision is required for changing the land’s development involving the construction of a photovoltaic farm. According to the current regulations, it is not possible to exempt a solar power plant construction from obtaining the decision on the land development management conditions, because it is classified as a civil engineering structure construction.

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Conditions for the connection to the power grid

We conduct the proceedings for the producer’s connection to the power company’s distribution grid in accordance with Article 7 of the Energy Law Act (Polish Journal of Laws of 2012, No. 1059 with further amendments). If the application is approved, the power company will specify the connection conditions and provide an appropriate agreement.

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Construction design and building permit

We develop the photovoltaic farm’s construction design based on the obtained administrative decisions. The construction design must comply with the connection conditions, land development plan or the development and management conditions. The construction design stage also involves all legal arrangements, along with the required opinions and experts’ opinions in accordance with the current regulations. This stage involves the complex development of the design documentation. The construction design consists of the architectural, construction and electrical sections. The development is done by a team of industry specialists holding adequate permits.

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RES auction, ERU license

We check the completeness of the paper trail and conduct a photovoltaic farm documentation audit to apply for pre-qualification for a RES auction. Photovoltaic farm designs with a building permit and other decisions are eligible to take part in a RES auction. Auctions take place periodically according to the schedule for each RES presented by the Energy Regulatory Office. After winning a RES auction, the investor has 24 months to construct the photovoltaic farm. During this time, it is necessary to obtain a RES electricity generation license.

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