About Us

One of the leaders in RES sector in Poland

We have become one of the leading developers and general contractors of large scale photovoltaic farms in the Polish market. We carry out all design and construction works only with our own employees and technical resources, which allows us to maintain 100% independence and punctuality.

We are pioneers in the designing and implementation of solar power plants in Poland. We established our competitive advantage through experience and an adopted business model that assumes complete operational independence along the entire project development cycle and in civil engineering investment implementation.

We have invested in a team of highly qualified engineers and specialists. Their skills and industry permits guarantee that the service is provided in accordance with the current power and civil engineering law regulations, safety standards and quality standards specified by the manufacturer.

Our portfolio

“We believe that everything is possible when you have the right team of people at your disposal”

CEO Anna Zagrajek

We are a group of qualified experts and specialist, the priority of who is to use locally available energy resources and develop modern, low-emission technologies. Our professional engineering and construction teams provide complex service in terms of designing and implementing large surface photovoltaic power plants across the country.

A solid portfolio based on multiple years of experience and customer satisfaction contributes to the dynamic growth of the company, and in recent years, we have become one of the leaders on the large surface photovoltaic systems market in Poland.

Our work

Our specialty includes renewable energy engineering services, mainly in the scope of solar (photovoltaic) power plants. We have one goal – each customer, partner or investor must be satisfied with our services.

We offer support, knowledge, experience and strategic consulting at each stage of investment and functioning of photovoltaic farms, along with the associated undertakings.

Our team

ALSEVA consists of professionals. There are over 70 of us. We make a good team of specialists, engineers and experts in the power engineering, electrical engineering or renewable energy source technologies. We love what we do. We approach our work with passion and we know we are good at it.

Our mission

We aim for the dynamic growth of our company and we are here to initiate the green transformation.

Our mission is to create the foundation of effective, safe, clean and innovative energy engineering based on suitable technologies. We create and deliver solutions that meet the needs of our customers and provide the business results expected by them.