We offer a complex investment implementation

As a general contractor, we will implement all investment stages in a complex manner. Obtaining and processing of all official approvals required for the project’s implementation, the system’s execution, construction, commissioning and testing are in accordance with the current rules of law and are based on state-of-the-art technologies.

Group 635

Feasibility study

We assess and analyse the project’s potential in a precise manner, thereby supporting the decision-making process through objective and reasonable specification of its strengths and weaknesses, as well as related opportunities and risks. We specify the resources necessary to implement the project and assess the chances of success.

We conduct:

  • an assessment of the legal and site conditions
  • an assessment of the PV system’s technical and performance conditions (productivity forecast)
  • an economic analysis for the investment.
Group 636


We develop replacement construction designs, detailed designs for photovoltaic farms and energy storages. In the designing process, we pay attention not only to technical correctness, but also to optimising the investment’s CAPEX and take into account future OPEX.

Group 635

Facility construction

We have been implementing photovoltaic farm construction works and acting as the General Contractor from 2017. All works is done under the supervision of our own, highly qualified engineering personnel and using our own construction teams. The teams act without subcontractor aid and use our own equipment. This approach guarantees the investment’s quality and timely completion.

We have a history of successfully implementing so-called TURN-KEY projects.

Group 636

Power system assembly

Professional power engineering knowledge, the engineering personnel’s competencies and our experience in the Polish market enable us to fully control the entire photovoltaic farm erection cycle. As a company entered into the register of qualified contractors by the Distribution System Operators Association (DSOs), we also execute the scope of works of an energy company.

Group 635

Tests and commissioning

At this stage, as one of few licensed companies in the market, we test the generation unit in terms of fulfilment of the NC RfG code requirements that regulate the principles of generation unit connection to the system. Obtaining the Power Generation Module Document (PGMD) is the basis for the DSO’s issue of the final permit for use.