Land Leasing

We seek land for paid lease intended as photovoltaic farm locations

Registering your land for lease

We are interested in any land with a surface area of 1 ha to 1,000 ha and more. After registration, we conduct site, as well as technical and formal analyses for verification purposes. If your real property is assessed positively, we will contact you, present an offer and our regional representative will visit you to discuss the details of the cooperation.

Registering your real property
We ask interested individuals to fill out a form.

Contact to the lease department

+48 798 637 224
12 421 03 33


    Your benefits from the lease:

    • Competitive lease rent
    • Long-term profit guarantee
    • Annual rent adjustment
    • Remuneration paid from the date of agreement conclusion
    • Tax obligations security
    • Restoration of the land’s original condition after the investment’s completion
    • Safe contract with a stable RES energy producer
    • Favourable conditions and transparent lease agreement

    Lease profit calculator

    Why us? Why do we enable you to earn money on your land without effort?

    ALSEVA is one of few companies in Poland that acquires sites for the construction of photovoltaic farms for its own projects. Each leased location is subject to the complex establishment process of the entire photovoltaic power plant. This begins with the implementation of the administrative procedures and acquisition of decision requires by the law, through obtaining building permits, construction, commissioning and servicing of the photovoltaic farm throughout its entire service life. We are attached to the leased land throughout the entire period.

    We maintain constant control not only over the PV system, but we also take care of the facility’s safety and maintain greenery on the occupied land.

    Our goal is to be your business partner – one who you can rely on and who strictly complies with the agreement terms. Several hundred land owners have trusted us so far, and their opinions on the cooperation have strengthened our position in the market. If you are interested, we will share their opinions about us.

    Why is it worth concluding an agreement with us?

    A professional, fair and transparent approach to the customer is our hallmark. Every land owner is different, hence, we have no standard solutions. We are eager to answer all questions about the cooperation, agreement entries and the photovoltaic farm’s functional. We dispel any doubts and try to find the solutions expected by the Lessor.

    In terms of the lease rent, we do not differ from the market standards. We offer an appealing, guaranteed and adjusted rent for 25 to 29 years. However, we always assess each site individually and try to propose the most favourable lease offer. The aspect that distinguishes our offer is the unique suite of guarantees and additional financial benefits provided to each Lessor – and in this way, we share the project’s success by sharing the profits with our partners.

    The projects implemented by us are executed solely by our employees and based on our internal technical resources. We act without intermediaries during the land acquisition, thereby avoiding misunderstandings and promises detached from the reality of photovoltaic farm feasibility. We execute all construction stages on our own, without subcontractor participation. This project implementation model allows us to be flexible when planning the works schedule and adapting it to the arrangements made with the Lessor.

    We work to meet the expectations of and perform our obligations towards the Lessors. We remain in constant touch with our partners, we freely answer all questions about the photovoltaic farm project’s status. Throughout our dealings, we have received positive opinions confirming that what we do and how we do it is appreciated by land owners. Nevertheless, we are constantly seeking to better our approach. We value the feedback of our partners as it lets us improve our cooperation.

    The whole truth about photovoltaic farms on your land

    • Does NOT emit noise
    • Does NOT emit radiation
    • Does NOT emit any substances and gases into the atmosphere
    • Is maintenance-free and safe
    • Is the cleanest source of electricity
    • It enables us to restore the land’s natural biocoenosis and prevent soil sterilisation.
    • It is favourable towards the enviromental improvement of any given region.