Project department

We construct large surface photovoltaic farms and conduct the entire administrative process. We obtain all documents as well as prepare and submit applications that are necessary for the implementation of the project. We advise at every stage of the investment process ensuring full professionalism regardless of the client’s individual needs. Our experience allows us to properly prepare documentation and minimize the waiting time for administrative decisions. Every project we have completed received a building permit to build a photovoltaic farm.

- Prepare a project design of a photovoltaic farm,
- Prepare and submit an application for issuance of a decision environmental conditions,
- Prepare and submit an application for issuance of a decision on land development,
- Prepare and submit an application for specification of the conditions of connection of the installation to the distribution system operators (DSO),
- Prepare and submit an application for issuance of a decision on building permit,
- Prepare and submit an application for granting a concession (a promissory concession) to the Office of Energy Regulation (URE),
- Prepare formalities to participate in an RES Auction and carry out the registration procedure.

We prepare conceptual design, building and executive projects of large surface photovoltaic farms.
In the conceptual design project, we specify the costs of the planned investment, the period of its return, energy yield, and a visual layout of the building. This also includes specifications of the equipment. Upon acceptance of our concept, we prepare a building project consisting of a descriptive plan and drawings. This constitutes the basis for obtaining a permit for the investment issued by administrative authorities. The last stage of the design works is to prepare an execution project based on which a given investment will be built. It forms an amendment to and a particularization of the building project.

Our projects.