Our Vision

ALSEVA INNOWACJE S.A. was founded due to the market demand for advisory services in terms of sustainable and innovative development of the Polish power industry. We gather a number of professionals with a wealth of experience gained in leading energy companies. Our staff knows and understands the needs of Polish power industry. Its transformation will be held In the coming years and it is our aim to actively participate in this event. ALSEVA INNOWACJE S.A. provides consulting services in terms of innovation and modern development of the power sector in Poland. We cooperate with leading Polish universities and research institutes. We are successfully implementing our scientific knowledge and experience into business.

ALSEVA INNOWACJE S.A. offers expert advisory services in the field of electrical engineering, addressed to broadly understood entrepreneurs. We assist in solving the problems encountered by them, including legal issues. This is a service of fundamental importance to any complex process and operation in terms of law, economy and technology in the modern market. Running certain types of business involves the use of highly complex procedures and actions. Therefore it is often required to take advantage of external assistance provided by companies such as  ALSEVA INNOWACJE S.A.

In our offer you will find consulting services tailored to your individual needs and comprehensive, multifaceted expertise.

The principle of providing the right level of consulting services is the professional preparation of ALSEVA INNOWACJE S.A. for such activity and the independence of evaluations.

We remain neutral and provide advisory services in an objective manner, with special attention to the interests of our clients. Our confidentially obligation arise from the nature of provided services and the importance of the data provided by the contractor.

Management Board